Art & Culture

Gulpen-Wittem has a lot to offer in the area of culture. Cultural and musical events, ranging from beer and wine festivals to brass band and choral concerts are held on a regular basis. All the music played is top quality. Gulpen-Wittem is also the base for a number of artists whose work can be admired in the many studios and galleries with which the municipality is amply supplied and sometimes even in the artist's home.

Annual events in Gulpen-Wittem include the Eys Music Days, the Wijlre organ concerts and the Wittem Art Days while the Gates of Reijmerstok event is held every two years, alternating with the Art Route. These splendid events have a very high profile and attract people from near and far. Deeply rooted traditions such as the religious procession, communion celebrations, Carnival and the annual shooting tournaments also contribute to the municipality’s cultural life. Carnival, or Vastelaoves in the Limburg dialect, is brought to an end each year on Shrove Tuesday with a festive event in the Market Square in Gulpen during the ‘Groeëte Gulpener Vastelaoves Finale’.

You can also come into contact with art and culture by taking part in themed walks, which are described in the Dutch-language brochures ‘Beeldig Wandelen’‘Om niet te vergeten’ and ‘Kruistocht op wandelschoenen’. Information on the ‘Gedichtenroute langs de Geul’ (Poetry Route along the Geul) can be obtained from the leaflet or