Sleeping & Rising

Gulpen-Wittem has a very wide and varied range of overnight accommodation. There is no mass tourism here. Whether you choose a hotel, an apartment or bed-and-breakfast, the accommodation is small-scale and the focus is on the guest. And, of course, this also applies to the camp sites or to the even smaller-scale camping on farms. And even when renting group accommodation, you can choose between extremely spartan and very luxurious. This very varied range means that you will always find overnight accommodation which meets your requirements for a long or short holiday, weekend or other stay.

The business market can also find suitable accommodation without any trouble here. Because of the location in the countryside, many types of accommodation provide excellent privacy. It is this privacy, combined with the small scale, inspirational surroundings, hospitality and culinary offering, which leads many businesses to choose Gulpen-Wittem for their business meetings.